Greater Mekong Subregion Health Security Project


Project 48118-001
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Type TA
Sector Health
Country Regional
Start 2014
End 2016
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 1,300

Project Description

The project will complement existing projects, focusing on CDC, HIV/AIDS and malaria in one single intervention aimed at strengthening health security in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam by improving district and provincial health services capacity for diagnostic, response and treatment. The proposed project will (i) strengthen health services capacity to identify and treat communicable diseases, including neglected tropical diseases,10 HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and food borne diseases; and (ii) use the regional knowledge generated during the two previous phases of the project to control emerging and re-emerging diseases. The proposed project will target remote and underserved areas, with high poverty incidence, and MMPs. Geographic targeting will be determined by linking disease incidence with mobile and migrant population data by province. A project modality is proposed for Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


Contact 1
Contact Name Servais, Gerard
Organization Asian Development Bank
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