Guangxi Southwestern Cities Development Project (OCR)


Project 42010-013
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Type Loan
Sector Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services
Country PRC
Start 2010
End 2019
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 299,030
Confinancing Source: Domestic Banks

Project Description

The project will support the urban development of three medium-sized cities in the southwestern part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guangxi) Fangchenggang City, Chongzuo City, and Baise City. All the project cities are surrounded by counties with widespread poverty. The project will have six investment components in the project cities and one capacity development component. The investment components in each project city will be part of an overall city development program guided by a well-prepared city development master plan. The capacity development component is designed to complement the infrastructure development to be funded under the project. The project has a number of special features. It is part of the national poverty reduction strategy to promote inclusive growth in the less-developed western PRC. All the project cities are at strategic positions of the regional transport corridors under the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) economic cooperation framework. Development of the urban economy in these cities is the driving force in converting these transport corridors into economic corridors for GMS economic cooperation, which the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting. The project has adopted a holistic approach to building urban roads and underground municipal infrastructure in a coherent and integrated manner. Construction of urban infrastructure is supported with capacity development and environmental improvement components, including activities to strengthen climate change resilience of coastal and inland urban areas.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


Contact 1
Contact Name Niu, Zhiming
Organization Asian Development Bank
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News and Multimedia

  • By 2017, the three project cities maintain a continued per capita GDP growth from their 2008 baseline: from $3,680 to $5,520 for Fangchenggang City; from $1,620 to $2,430 for Chongzuo City; and from $1,580 to $2,370 for Baise City. Each project city enjoys a 10% increase in economic activities with ASEAN countries from their 2008 baseline: $797 million for Fangchenggang City, $1,300 million for Chongzuo City, and $489 million for Baise City.
  • The urbanization rate of the project cities increases from their 2008 baseline: from 44.5% to 60.0% for Fangchenggang City; from 31.5% to 40.0% for Chongzuo City; and from 31.0% to 40.0% for Baise City by 2017.
  • By 2015, traffic speed increases by 5% in the three project cities, compared with the "withoutproject" scenario based on their 2008 road network baseline and coverage of primary underground municipal infrastructure in the direct project areas increases from zero in 2008 to 100%.
  • By 2015, stronger protection of Fangchenggang City from coastal flooding, from the currently unprotected status to once in 20-year protection level; and a rehabilitated Shuikou Lake in Chongzuo City, which serves as an artificial urban wetland, will perform its ecological function and retain its water quality at class II level under rapid urbanization and under adverse climate change scenarios.
  • Urban transport master plans for the project cities have been updated according to stronger planning capacity, with an aim to build an integrated and sustainable urban transport system by 2015.
  • Employment opportunities of about 10,030 person-years were created over the construction phase, with a target for 20% of the employment opportunities to be filled by the poor, women, and ethnic minorities, respectively.