Third Greater Mekong Subregion Corridor Towns Development Project


Project 48175-002
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Type Loan
Sector Water and Other Urban Infrastructure and Services
Country Myanmar
Start 2018
End 2025
Status Ongoing
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 116,900
Confinancing Source: NEDA - $24.3M GCF, TICA Grant - $4.9M

Project Description

The Third GMS Corridor Towns Development Project will expand the geographic scope to include Myanmar. The project is anticipated to develop the cities of Mawlamyine, in Mon State, and Hpa-An and Myawaddy, in Kayin State, as competitive economic nodes along the GMS East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC). The expected impact of the project is increased activity along the GMS EWEC. The outcome will be improved access to sustainable urban services in the project cities.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Ongoing. PIAC has been mobilized and an inception review mission took place in December 2019. Geological and topographic surveys are to start in July 2020 and the first civil works packages are expected to be awarded in Q3 2021. Several equipment/goods contracts are expected to be awarded in Q4 2020.


Contact 1
Contact Name Antonio Ressano Garcia
Organization Asian Development Bank
Contact 2
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News and Multimedia

  • Households with access to improved water supply increased to 24,000 (2016 baseline: 5,000) in Mawlamyine, and 14,000 (2016 baseline: 1,000) in Hpa-An.
  • Nonrevenue water reduced to 30% (2016 baseline: 80%) in Mawlamyine, and 25% (2015 baseline: 70%) in Hpa-An.
  • Solid waste collection rate increased to 80% of the total households (2016 baseline: 50% of the total households) in Mawlamyine, and 80% of the total households (2016 baseline: 45% of the total households) in Hpa-An.