Western Yunnan Roads Development


Project 32336-013
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Type Loan
Sector Transport
Country PRC
Start 2003
End 2009
Status Closed
Last Edited 05 Jul 2021


US$('000) 585,000
Confinancing Source: Agence Francaise de Developpement ($38M) and Kunming City Commercial Bank ($122.9M)

Project Description

The Project's main objective is to remove transport barriers and reduce transport costs in western Yunnan to (i) promote pro-poor economic growth and thus reduce poverty, and (ii) contribute to regional development in GMS. The Project will (i) alleviate congestion, reduce travel time and vehicle operating costs, and improve road safety; (ii) increase road transport capacity between Kunming and Myanmar border; (iii) facilitate private sector involvement; and (iv) improve access of the poor to markets and social services. The Project will also support road safety and corporate governance reforms. The Project comprises: (i) construction of a 77 km of four-lane access- controlled toll expressway from Baoshan to Longling, including access roads, interchanges with toll stations, administrative buildings, and service areas; (ii) upgrading of 294 km of county and township roads to improve access to poor and minority areas; (iii) procurement of equipment for expressway and local road maintenance, toll collection, surveillance and communications, vehicle-weighing stations, road safety, and office administration; (iv) land acquisition and resettlement; and (v) consulting services for construction supervision, road safety audits, and project M&E.

Progress (as of March 2021)

Project closed


Contact 1
Contact Name Chu, Chenglong
Organization Asian Development Bank
Email cchu@adb.org
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