2nd Meeting of the GMS Energy Transition Task Force

4-5 December 2023

The GMs Energy Transition Task Force (ETTF) met in Siem Reap on 4-5 December 2023 to discuss updates and plans related to its work streams, including trends, opportunities and related initiatives in the region.

The meeting agreed on these next steps for 2024.

  • Regional power market trade. The ETTF countries will review the final draft concept note on the GMS/ASEAN regional power market and interconnection development by mid-January 2024. If no substantial comments on the concept note are received by then, ADB will proceed with processing a technical assistance focusing on the preparation of regional power market development with shadow trading and country-level research. If substantial comments are received, a revised concept note will be submitted for endorsement of ETTF during its 3rd meeting in June 2024.

  • Energy efficiency. The ETTF Secretariat (ADB) will prioritize activities and circulate the final capacity building plan for 2024. From the various topics proposed, alignment was identified for energy efficiency in both the demand and supply side (e.g., motors and meters), top-down policy and regulations for energy efficiency enforcement, and financing mechanism. The suggested

  • Green finance/Capacity building. The program will have two components to be implementation with relevant partners or programs: (i) market/policy/regulation and (ii) infrastructure/technology. Among others, a study tour in Australia, training on regional power market, and workshop on hybridization strategy of renewable energy and emerging technologies are planned for 2024. Additional capacity building on green finance will be considered based on the needs of GMS member states.


ETTF also agreed to adopt these operational strategies.

  • Strengthen partnership with ASEAN bodies (e.g., ASEAN Centre for Energy and Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities), (ii) subregional programs (Lao PDR-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project) and (iii) development partners (e.g., Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, USAID and UNESCAP).

  • Engage with the private sector selectively

  • Be flexible with the format and increase visibility of ETTF activities.


The 2nd ETTF meeting was attended by 78 participants. It was followed by a 1-day training on 6 December for the GMS Regional Power Trade Working Group. The training offered hands-on experience with the shadow trading platform developed by the Eastern African Power Pool.

Last Updated: 8 January 2024