Mekong Dialogue on Labor Mobility Discusses Multi-sectoral Links between Migration and Development

The Government of Cambodia on 30 May 2022 hosted the Mekong Dialogue on Labor Mobility chaired by Chuop Narath, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. The meeting discussed the promotion of safe migration, healthy labor mobility, and effective reintegration to support sustainable and inclusive development of the region.

In his speech, Mr. Narath emphasized that labor migrants play a vital role in economic development within the region. Thus, as the subregion enters the third year of the pandemic and in preparation for the resumption of labor mobility, the need for a coordinated and collaborative response to social and economic recovery becomes even more acute. labor mobility, a cross-sectoral concern, requires whole-of-government and sector-wide approaches and effective cross-border collaboration.

The dialogue is envisaged to guide future discussions on opportunities for action and coordination, as well as lay the foundation for potential cooperation in the future through a multistakeholder approach among the Mekong countries, development organizations, and related partners.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) co-organized the meeting. Expert speakers from ADB, IOM, and ILO led the discussion.

Around 130 participants from 24 cross-sectoral ministries attended the meeting, including officials from relevant line ministries of Mekong countries (e.g., Ministry of labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), development organizations, and related partners.